PSX, a global leader in Innovative Technology Solutions, offers Design, Consulting, Build and Support of the following Technology Systems:


PSX, a global leader in Innovative Technology Solutions, offers Design, Consulting, Build and Support of the following Technology Systems:

Entertainment Video

Designing Innovative Technology Solutions for our clients has been the passion of PSX since 1996. Our team of design technologists leverage decades of hands on installation and integration experience for the systems we design. Our team of modelers and drafters utilize the latest in AutoCAD and BIM Revit softwares to deliver innovative designs that serve as the roadmap for successful system installations.


PSX has delivered unique and highly complex technology projects for our clients around the world for more than 20 years. We have assembled an elite team of technology experts who lead the industry in the installation of Innovative Technology Solutions. Our Build Team of Installers, Technicians, Engineers, Project Managers and Project Directors work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that their technological needs are met and exceeded.


Our Service and Support Team specialize in Audio, Video, Control System and Lighting Technologies. We value our client relationships and offer 24/7 support to our clients for each system that we design and build. Our team of technologists are both client and solution focused. We understand that technology drives the guest experience and that the guest experience cannot be compromised. We ensure that our clients and their guests receive an experience that exceeds expectations.


Audio, Video and Control Systems (AVC) are the foundation of every guest experience and immersive environment. We collaborate with our creative content partners to design Innovative Technology Solutions that support our client’s stories, stretch the limits of imagination and excite the senses. Music sets the mood and mood creates the experience. Video excites the senses creating memories by evoking emotion, enhancing stories, messaging and content. Having the ability to control lighting, sound and their environment are amenities that have become an expectation.


Acoustical environments can make or break a guest experience. Our team of acoustical experts ensure that unwanted noise from mechanical systems, exterior environmental noise, in room reflectivity, and adjacent spaces will not distract the listener from the message being delivered. Considerations for the shape of a room and finished surfaces greatly impact the overall success of a space.


Colors provoke emotions and emotions drive experiences. Designing and installing lighting systems that support a message or story can enhance experiences and helps to create memories for users and guests alike. In Stadiums, Resorts, Theaters, Museum’s, Theme Parks and Immersive Environments. Lighting is a critical technology that elevates the guest experience.

Information and Communications Technology
custom fabrication

Custom experiences require unique custom elements. We start with “Blue Sky” concept and design charrettes to fully immerse ourselves in our clients vision. From concept to completion, all elements of a story are taken into consideration, with the end goal of creating detailed results that make our clients’ stories come alive.