PSX, a global leader in Innovative Technology Solutions, offers Design, Consulting, Build and Support of the following Technology Systems:


PSX, a global leader in Innovative Technology Solutions, offers Design, Consulting, Build and Support of the following Technology Systems:

Entertainment Video

Audio, Video and Control Systems (AVC) are the foundation of every guest experience and immersive environment. We collaborate with our creative content partners to design Innovative Technology Solutions that support our client’s stories, stretch the limits of imagination and excite the senses. Music sets the mood and mood creates the experience. Video excites the senses creating memories by evoking emotion, enhancing stories, messaging and content. Having the ability to control lighting, sound and their environment are amenities that have become an expectation.

  • Electro-Acoustics
  • Networked Multimedia
  • Previsualization Projection Studies
  • Large/Widescreen Projection
  • Projection Mapping
  • Sound Reinforcement System Design
  • 3D Spatial Audio Design
  • HD/SD LED Technologies
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Broadcast Video Infrastructure
  • Show Control/ Control Systems
  • Control Room Design
  • Space Planning & Equipment Room Design

Acoustical environments can make or break a guest experience. Our team of acoustical experts ensure that unwanted noise from mechanical systems, exterior environmental noise, in room reflectivity, and adjacent spaces will not distract the listener from the message being delivered. Considerations for the shape of a room and finished surfaces greatly impact the overall success of a space.

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Mechanical Noise & Vibration Control
  • Performing Arts Acoustics
  • Environmental Noise Control and Assessments
  • Open Plan Offices
  • Sound Isolation

Colors provoke emotions and emotions drive experiences. Designing and installing lighting systems that support a message or story can enhance experiences and helps to create memories for users and guests alike. In Stadiums, Resorts, Theaters, Museum’s, Theme Parks and Immersive Environments. Lighting is a critical technology that elevates the guest experience.

  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Architectural FX Lighting
  • Exhibit Lighting
  • Special Effects

Security, Surveillance, and Access Control Systems (SSA) – Combining security, surveillance, and access control system design to provide real-time situational awareness for people, property, and places and leveraging video analytics to provide business intelligence such as heat mapping, traffic flow, and counters to increase efficiency in operations, marketing, and business management.

  • Integrated Security System Design
  • Video Surveillance System Design
  • Access Control System Design
  • Video Based Business Intelligence
  • Alarm & Intrusion Detection System Design
  • Equipment & Monitoring Room Design
  • System Performance Specifications

Information, Communications & Technology: Network infrastructure supports a broad range of active systems and interactive elements for every experience. A network is as good as its weakest link. Our team of technologists work to ensure that our networks are designed and installed to support the bandwidth demands of audio, video and control systems with minimal latency.

  • Structured Cabling System Design
  • LAN and WAN Infrastructure Design
  • Campus and Outside Plant Infrastructure Design
  • Converged Technology System Infrastructure Design
  • Data Center and Cloud Storage Infrastructure Design
  • Wi-Fi Network System Infrastructure Design
  • Passive Optical Network (PON) Design
  • Point of Sale (POS) Infrastructure Design
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Infrastructure Design
  • Technology Space Planning and Equipment Room Design
  • Coordination of Incoming Services and Provisions