Cosmopolitan Rose Rabbit LieTheatrical Lighting

Lighting creates the atmosphere, focuses of attention of the audience, establishes the flow, and helps to create a realistic environment on the stage.  The Theatrical lighting system consists of the main control system, the control signal distribution system, the dimmer racks, the electrical interface, the lighting instruments and the integration with house lighting. Often intelligent lighting is featured in lighting systems to enhance the capabilities of the overall lighting package.  These intelligent lighting systems can create color changing light and patterns, then move them in three dimensions around the stage and room for a very dramatic effect.

Theatrical Rigging

Theatrical rigging systems are requires in the majority of performance stages.  Included in these systems are counterweight rigging and motorized rigging equipment, motorized grids and pods, pit lifts, truss systems, cyclorama rigging, curtain tracks and stage draperies.

– Exterior themed lighting
– Architectural Specialty Lighting
– Automated Intelligent Lighting
– Color Changing Light Systems
– Stage/Theatrical Lighting
– Low Voltage Lighting
– Dimming Control

 Architectural Lighting

 Unique architectural lighting can be incorporated into the architectural design to create exciting night time looks that can create a completely new atmosphere and  appearance.  Effects include color washes, gobo projection, sweeping movements, twinkle lighting, uplighting etc. Environmentally protected and rated intelligent  fixtures can be built into almost any design to create this powerful impact.
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